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Date Listed: 12/03/2018
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Solvents
Condition: Packaging: barrels of 163kg.
Continuous/One-Time? Continuous
Expires: Never
Details: Dear sir, good afternoon. 1 / We can offer you Hexane -N - Quantity: 1000 tons per month - The cost of $ 900 (US dollar per Mt Cif the port BUYER 2/ Appearance - Transparent, colorless liquid; soft oil smell. Packaging: barrels of 163kg. Description: Hexane (n-Hexane) - saturated unbranched hydrocarbon; colorless, transparent, mobile, flammable liquid with a faint odor. Practically not miscible with water, well soluble in many organic solvents. The chemical properties of hexane are typical for saturated hydrocarbons — it is rather inert, but under certain conditions it enters into oxidation, halogenation, nitration, and sulfochlorination reactions. Under reforming conditions, n-hexane is isomerized to isohexanes and is dehydrated to benzene. Hexane (n-hexane) is applied as a solvent and thinner for paints, varnishes; as a degreasing agent; when extracting vegetable oils as a non-polar solvent for chemical reactions; as an extractant of vegetable oils from natural raw materials; as a liquid in low-temperature thermometers; 2,2-dimethylbutane and 2,3-dimethylbutane are used as additives to motor fuel, improving its quality. 3 / Payment terms: Advance payment - 30% of the value of the goods, pay the balance - 70% within 10 days of receipt of goods at the port of the buyer. 4 / Delivery time 30 days after receiving the deposit 30% of the value of the goods at the expense of our company. 5 / loading into the container 40 FT - 23 Mt Email: vladimirkarasev1@gmail.com
Title of Material: Hexane -N
Location: russia
Quantity: 1000
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Solarus
Web Site: www
Address 1: Volodarskogo 74
City: Chelyabinsk
E-Mail: vladimirkarasev1@gmail.com
First Name: vlad
Job Title: director
Last Name: UR
Middle Name: Karas
Phone 1: +79222344916
Zip: 454080
Salutation: mr.
State: Ural

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