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Date Listed: 12/15/2018
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Plastics & Rubber
Condition: Scrap
Continuous/One-Time? Continuous
Expires: Never
Details: ABS scrap: ABS Computer scrap – Mix colors with approx 2-3% PC associated ABS Computer & Electronic scrap, material may container FR grade ABS computer scrap separator color pieces in bales / boxes ABS shredded mix or separate color
Title of Material: ABS Computer Scrap
Location: New York
Quantity: 1000
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Grillmac LLC
Web Site: Grillmac LLC
Address 1: 551 fifth avenue
City: New York
E-Mail: carlosmike287@aol.com
First Name: Jacob
Job Title: Manager
Last Name: Simon
Phone 1: 9729089927
Zip: 10176
State: New York

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