EPS-Expanded Polystyrene/Baled Styrofoam

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Date Listed: 12/18/2018
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Recycling
Condition: Cold Press or Hot Melt.
Continuous/One-Time? Continuous
Expires: Never
Details: Ronson Recycling is one of the premier processors of EPS Styrofoam in the country. We pull loads of processed EPS throughout the US and Canada. We are not a broker. Manufacturers/Distributors come to us because: 1. We pay the highest value for recycled EPS material in the industry 2. We are US based with 5 processing facilities, and 3. Our trucking company is based out of Carlyle, PA, that use large brokerage firms to move product throughout the US and Canada. Additionally, we will install densifying equipment, at our cost (Depending on volume), into clients’ facilities to get their recycling programs moving forward.
Title of Material: EPS-Expanded Polystyrene/Baled Styrofoam
Location: Nationwide
Quantity: Unlimited
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Ronson Recycling, llc.
Web Site: Ronson Recycling, llc.
Address 1: 681 Cessna St
City: Barton
E-Mail: lynn@ronsonrecycling.com
First Name: Lynn
Job Title: EPS-Expanded Polystyrene/Baled Styrofoam- WANTED
Last Name: Worley
Phone 1: 4045568500
Zip: 33830
Salutation: Ms.
State: FL

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