ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid (Syn-blend)

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Date Listed: 03/29/2019
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Oils & Waxes
Condition: New/Unused
Continuous/One-Time? One-Time
Expires: Never
Details: We were servicing USPS locations locally for a national account. When the project ended, we were left with some surplus material. Also have 5W30 and ED15W40
Title of Material: ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid (Syn-blend)
Location: Tampa, FL
Quantity: 165 Gallons (3 drums)
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Florida Chemical Supply, Inc.
Web Site:
Address 1: 6810 E Chelsea St
City: Tampa
First Name: Marc
Job Title: President
Last Name: Maseman
Phone 1: 8136231274
Zip: 33610
State: FL

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