Propylene Glycol Inhibited

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Date Listed: 03/29/2019
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Other Organic Chemicals
Condition: New/Unused - Out of Spec
Continuous/One-Time? One-Time
Expires: Never
Details: This is 40% food grade inhibited PG for use in HVAC systems. Product is functionally within spec, but production added pounds of dye instead of grams of dye. Very heavy uranine dye load.
Title of Material: Propylene Glycol Inhibited
Location: Tampa, FL
Quantity: 275 Gallons (in tote)
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Florida Chemical Supply, Inc.
Web Site:
Address 1: 6810 E Chelsea St
City: Tampa
First Name: Florida Chemical Supply Inc.
Job Title: President
Last Name: Maseman
Phone 1: 8136231274
Zip: 33610
State: FL

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