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  Description Quantity Location
Gaylord Boxes 500 Knoxville TN
Wooden Crates truck load Knoxville TN
copper aluminium radiators 20 Europe
LDPE Film Scrap in Bales 25 United State
PET Bottle Scraps 25 tons Argentina
Copper Wire Scrap 1000 South Africa
Copper transformer cores 50ton HONGKONG
PET Bottles 1000 tons/Day Oliver Springs, TN
RR176A Post Industrial BOPP printed film on rolls and in bales available, no coatings 40,000 lbs Unadilla, GA
RR3445A 40,000 lbs Medical Grade TPE parts in gaylords available 40,000 lbs Charleston, SC
RR1001E MRP in bales 80,000 lbs Detroit, MI
RR105SSS LDPE mix color film in bales available 240,000 lbs Memphis, TN
RR105UUU 80,000 lbs LDPE with less than 20% nylon rolls available 80,000 lbs Memphis, TN
Wood Pallets 3 truck loads (52') Texas
Gaylord Boxes truck loads Las Vegas NV
PET Flakes 1500 Florida
Fly ash, wood ash Indefinite amount Franklin, VA
We sell LDPE film scrap 100% clean clear and Dry 550MT USA
Electronics Recycling Scrap Metal NA Tampa, Fl
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