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Date Listed: 11/12/2020
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Wood & Paper
Condition: Post-industrial/consumer
Continuous/One-Time? Continuous
Expires: Never
Details: Seeking for OCC paper scrap or OINP/ONP or any other types of paper? And then you are welcome to our company. At our company, we export several types of waste papers and that includes OCC scrap 11 and 12. We are renowned quality supplier of paper materials and we endeavor to provide our customer with best of quality demands as satisfaction of our customer have been our main priority. Our establishment with the vision to create a potential partnership, which buy and sell of OCC, OINP, ONP, SOP and other paper can take place with relief. Furthermore, when it comes to environmental, we have contributed numerously and have helped thousands of companies across the globe to achieve their dream. Talking about the OCC scrap, we are incomparable and have served our customer for over 27 years. Please check our website for more information about the material us and other type of scrap we export and contact us along with your requirements is interested.
Title of Material: Waste paper scrap, OCC, OINP, ONP, SOP
Location: California
Quantity: 5000MT
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Scraps Industries Inc
Web Site: www.scrapsindustriesinc.com
Address 1: 1091 Doolittle Dr,
City: San Leandro
E-Mail: sales@scrapsindustriesinc.com
First Name: Brandon
Job Title: CEO
Last Name: Rhine
Phone 1: 985-313-2429
Zip: 94577
Salutation: Mr.
State: California

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