polyester used webbing

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Listing Information
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Textiles and Leather
Condition: used
Listing Duration One Time Listing
Expires: Never
Details: The webbing is 100% polyester thread, 100% polyester webbing, and 100% polyester sewn on labels. The webbing is dyed in our various customers' colors (ex. green, blue, yellow, etc.) and has the webbing manufacturer's name printed in black ink on one side before we get it. We then print the customer's name in black ink on the other side. However, with used straps, the webbing color and ink are faded due to sun exposure. The webbing is exposed to the outside elements when used on the trucks transporting their goods.
Title of Material: polyester used webbing
Location: Union, SC
Quantity: 60,000 feet per month
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Kemper Straps Corporation
Address 1: 100 Times Blvd
City: Union
E-Mail: cathy@kemperstraps.com
Contact Name: Cathy Harter
Phone 1: 864-424-9894
Zip: 29379
State: SC

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