25/70 Sand and HICAL Mix

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Listing Information
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Construction/Building Materials
Condition: New
Listing Duration One Time Listing
Expires: Never
Details: Clean out material consisting of 75% 25/70 semi-angular quartz sand and 25% HICAL. Less than 8% contaminants consisting of pebble, glass bead, marble, colored quartz, or 6/30 sand. Some batches may contain less than 1% pigment.
Title of Material: 25/70 Sand and HICAL Mix
Location: Orlando, FL
Quantity: 2-5 tons per week
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: CL Industries
Address 1: 8188 S. Orange Ave
City: Orlando
E-Mail: csmith@cmineralsinc.com
Contact Name: Chris Smith
Phone 1: 3524257074
Zip: 32809
State: FL

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