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LDPE clear film in bales. 40,000 lbs. Oakland CA
PET natural sheet grade lumps available. 40,000 lbs. Jacksonville FL
PVC VCT Tiles off white, 90-95% Calcium Carbonate, 5-10% PVC. 500,000 Unadilla, GA
LDPE 3-4 melt mix color repro available. 200,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
PP white non woven in bales 100 melt. 30,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
Nylon parts with 30% Glass filled in bales. 350,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
HDPE cold washed natural milk jug regrind in supersacks available. 80,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
PP/PE caps and rings available. FAS Chicago, 40K per 40ft HQ. 120,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
HDPE drums in bales available. 80,000 lbs. Chicago
HDPE SHEETS, storage bins. 120,000 lbs. New York port
LDPE mostly clear film with some colored in bale. 80,000 lbs. Memphis, TN
LDPE/nylon film and lumps available. 200,000 lbs. Charleston SC
PP supersacks (used for PP talc) in bales available. 80,000 lbs. Cincinnati
HMW HDPE sheet. 20,000 lbs. Kansas
LDPE Grade A film in bales available. 40,000 lbs. Chicago
LDPE Clear Film and colored Grade C in bale. $.05 200,000 lbs. New York port
BOPP Natural tape with adhesive on rolls available. $.12 40,000 lbs. Chicago rail
PET bottles 80/20 Clear/green in bales. 40,000 lbs. Charleston port
PET bottles with some Aluminum cans in bales. 80,000 lbs. Detroit, MI
PP 3.5 melt monofilament and tape yarns from packaging in bales. 80,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
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