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GPPS clear floor sweeps pellets. $.14 40,000 lbs. Atlanta rail
PET Black trays in bales. $.05 40,000 lbs. Miami port
BOPP Clear Homopolymer with $.015 Aluminum Coating pellets. 1,000,000 lbs. Cincinnati
Auto parts in bales, glove boxes, door moldings etc. 34,000 lbs per 40ft HQ $.07 ($154MT). 350,000 lbs. Chicago rail
PP Supersacks in bales used for shipping potatoes, mostly usable. $.11 36,000 lbs. New York port
BOPP printed film with chipboard in bales available. 40,000 lbs. Minneapolis MN
PET bottles in bales available. 120,000 lbs. Toronto rail
ABS mostly shredded from printers loaded loose in containers. 80,000 lbs. Chicago
HDPE repro Borlink LS4201S. $.20 120,000 lbs Charleston, SC
PET Airbags with nylon thread in bales. $.08 80,000 lbs. Savannah, GA
Nylon 6 natural with small amounts of Nylon 6/10. $.40 80,000 lbs. Cleveland rail
Mixed Rolls. 80,000 lbs. Kansas City, Kansas
LDPE Mixed Color Film (Furniture Store). 40,000 lbs. Chicago
PET air bag trim with red nylon 6/6 thread in bales available. $.08 120,000 lbs. Savannah port
HIPS TV Housings in bales available. $.23 120,000 lbs Savannah port
Commingled 1-7 bottles in bales with a lot of HDPE. 40,000 lbs. New York port
Polycarbonate CD & DVDs in gaylords available. 40,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
LDPE clear film on food grade rolls with 7-21% Nylon. 200,000 lbs. Cleveland rail
PET natural fiber grade lumps available. $.11 40,000 lbs. Savannah, GA
Scrap Motors Wanted 2000 Belgium
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