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  Description Quantity Location
HDPE Drums rinsed out in bales available. 80,000 lbs. New York port
LDPE, BOPP, and laminated rolls available. 40,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
TPE Black Regrind available. 100,000 lbs. Charleston SC
PP non woven on rolls 16-50 melt white and mix color rolls kept separate. 20,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
PP cases from CD's. 40,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
PET clean washed and dried fines available. Ongoing supply. 40,000 lbs. Savannah, GA
PET mix color fiber grade monofilament available. 80,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
Polycarbonate 8 to 15% Talc Filled Regrind with FR. 200,000 lbs. New York port
Polystyrene plastic lumber sheets with foaming agent available. 80,000 lbs. Cleveland rail
HDPE pill bottles in bales available. Ongoing supply. 80,000 lbs. Chicago IL rail
PET sheet clear and black regrind with layer of PE and PVDC. 400,000 lbs. Cincinnati, OH
LDPE Peat Moss bags in bales available. 80,000 lbs. Miami port
HDPE and PET bottles in bales available. 40,000 lbs. Houston
White TYVEK available in bales. 40,000 lbs. Cleveland rail
ABS stands with some metal in bales available. 120,000 lbs. Columbus, OH rail
LLDPE 1.0 melt/ 75% HMW HDPE .06 melt black film grade repro available. 250,000 lbs. Memphis, TN
Acrylic Clear Sheets. 40,000 lbs. Phoenix AZ
LDPE clear rolls - 1/2 load LDPE clear bales. 40,000 lbs. Nashville TN
Polyester Rolls 35,000 lbs per 48ft truck. 35,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
HDPE blow mold bottle regrind available. 40,000 lbs. Unadilla, GA
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