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  Description Quantity Location
HDPE Wanted 40K USA
PVC Wanted 40 K USA
Solar Scrap Wanted Unlimited Southern Oregon
LDPE, Shrink Wrap Wanted - Preferably Baled Ongoing supply Decatur, AL
Bopp Film Rolls 80,000 lbs East Coast
Electronic Motor Scrap 100,000 pounds East Coast
metal scrap recycling 500ton Japan
Empty or Used Inkjet Cartridges Wanted Pallets or boxes Los Angeles, CA
Metal Scrap Wanted 200 Hong Kong
LDPE Wanted 25 tons Venezuela
LDPE film (Grade A,B,C) Wanted 1000mT New Jersey
Buy aluminum scrap 500000lb Türkiye
Wood Ash/Bottom Ash 120 tons or more Sunbury Nc
Plastic IC Trays 20,000 USA
LDPE SCRAP 1000 tons Karachi, Pakistan
LDPE 2,000 MT Viet Nam
LDPE 2,000 MT Atlanta, Georgia
LDPE 2,000 MT Atlanta, Georgia
Used shoes 20 ton India
Produce Gaylord Boxes - Used 900 Anywhere
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